A Man and His Car

A few weeks ago we had a 3-in-1 photoshoot done.. It was really great to incorporate such a variety of subjects into one session. And, although I’m a woman, it was exciting to get slick shots of this guy and his car. When Yaro told us he wanted photos of his car (BMW Z4), I knew right away what those photos needed to look like. We needed to have a nice geometrical backdrop, something tough and gritty. No soft backdrops. We needed this to be manly and have focus on the car. That’s when I thought SoDo. South District. Industrial.

We found an awesome set of containers by the railroad, some rebellious-looking fencing, a gravel-ly place to park, and the sun was working with us by shining hard, giving us harsh but accenting shadows. Perfect! Now, to the photos! Enjoy!

BMWz3-1 BMWz3-2 BMWz3-3 BMWz3-4 BMWz3-5 BMWz3-6 BMWz3-7 BMWz3-8 BMWz3-9 BMWz3-10 BMWz3-11 BMWz3-12