Alex & Julia // WEDDING

I’ve known Julia since going to high school with her, and it’s been an honor (and exciting!) to be her photographer for the third time, and this time for her wedding! (See her earlier portrait shoot here, and her sisters shoot here). We had a really great time photographing their wedding. It was great to see them not worrying about little unimportant details and just focusing on having a great time. They did an excellent job on designing and decorating their wedding, everything looked so elegant and charming!


Hair – Mary Stepin; Makeup – Natalie Kalini; Decor – IDeal Wedding Design

AJW-1     AJW-6AJW-11 AJW-12 AJW-14 AJW-17 AJW-18 AJW-31AJW-34   AJW-38AJW-36AJW-43AJW-55AJW-52AJW-54   AJW-56AJW-59 AJW-62 AJW-67AJW-71   AJW-68AJW-235AJW-80 AJW-82 AJW-87 AJW-89 AJW-90 AJW-98AJW-108   AJW-109AJW-111 AJW-113 AJW-116AJW-123   AJW-125AJW-128   AJW-129AJW-133AJW-148AJW-184AJW-210   AJW-160AJW-221AJW-207 AJW-193AJW-179   AJW-177AJW-157AJW-213AJW-168   AJW-131AJW-191AJW-176   AJW-155AJW-152AJW-251AJW-219   AJW-250AJW-169AJW-229AJW-252   AJW-247AJW-233AJW-256   AJW-270AJW-272 AJW-283 AJW-284 AJW-296 AJW-300 AJW-305AJW-346   AJW-348AJW-507AJW-368AJW-361   AJW-362AJW-377 AJW-381AJW-384AJW-552AJW-398AJW-535AJW-551 AJW-550 AJW-393 AJW-516AJW-530    AJW-491AJW-424   AJW-405AJW-419 AJW-412  AJW-589AJW-594AJW-596AJW-602   AJW-611AJW-609AJW-600AJW-627AJW-638 AJW-648AJW-639   AJW-655AJW-680AJW-674AJW-663AJW-661   AJW-667AJW-684 AJW-685AJW-686   AJW-687AJW-688