Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share my first ever post with the world!

After having the opportunity to shoot more and more photo sessions, including seniors, weddings, engagements, and more, I’ve been sharing albums on Facebook, but I think it is time to create a separate blog dedicated to my photography work.

I invite you to follow my blog, whether you are interested in having me take your photos, or you are another photographer looking for inspiration, or you are even just a wandering visitor from the web! Feel free to comment, ask any kinds of questions, and share this work with your friends. I love connecting with people!

For my first post, I’m sharing photos of a senior photo session I did of Julia. We decided to try a bit of an urban feel and walked around the alleys near her high school, and as the sun set, decided to go a little softer and found some nice nature to get in the frame. Julia was a really great person to shoot and we had a ton of fun trying different poses.

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