Yaro & Hellen

Oh, how we love taking pictures of couples. This was an *extra* special couple, though, because Elijah has been friends with Yaro for a while now. And, we finally got to meet Yaro’s wonderful girlfriend, Hellen! Hellen is the first person I’ve met who grew up in Brazil (how cool!). This photoshoot was part II of our 3-in-1 photoshoot (part III is coming in the next blog post!). We had to do Part III in a coffeeshop, so when it came time to do the Love photoshoot, it was natural for the two to stay in the coffeeshop, sit back at a table, and gaze at each other as Elijah and I clicked away. We later ventured across some cool garages (with awesome lighting!) and then through the city, through alleyways, until we made it to SoDo (where we did some of the car photoshoot). Anyways, enough words, more pictures!


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